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The latch for ladder release is another perfect example of our attention placed on details. Built in chrome-plated metal, the release mechanism can be easily activated thanks to the milled grip.
The ladder is a continuous curved tube, therefore lacking any corners or edges. The rungs, with non-slip covering, guarantee complete safety when climbing up or down.
During the day, all accessories can be quickly and easily stored away, freeing up your space. The protection and ladder are then stored, with two straps, on the upper bed.
The padded headboard (optional) is designed to increase the space for the pillow. Opening and closing of the headboard is carried out by simple rotation.
Comfort. Tommi e Jerri is frameless. This important technical feature makes it possible for those who use it on a daily basis to avoid having upper or side obstructions, offering the feel of a traditional bed.
Ergonomics. Tommi e Jerri was designed for 90 cm wide mattress on the lower bed and a 80 cm wide mattress on the upper bed. This difference makes the lower bed easier to use and more comfortable for daily use.
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