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Tommi e Jerri is a product created by the architect G. Manzoni, famous for his vast experience in the field of transformable products and the owner of about one hundred patents for his inventions. Tommi e Jerri is made up of six easy-to-assemble components. Follow set-up and assembly, while also discovering the innovative features of Tommi e Jerri, by watching the video on the website TOMMI E JERRI WITH WRITING DESK • Tommi e Jerri with writing desk is an intelligent project that allows you to add, to the upper bed, a large desk equipped with two side storage units. This is a tried and true island of study, work, and rest. During the day, the bed closes up, with an overall dimension of 35 cm, and the desk can also be used. When you want to open the bed, you don’t need to even move anything from the work area. LOWER BED • It really can’t be simply called a “hideaway bed”. The lower single bed of the Tommi e Jerri system is designed to offer as much comfort as a traditional bed. It is not back-up solution – this is pure innovation. When you need to, the bed can be closed, taking up just 35 cm in depth, offering a vast array of possibilities to your project. UPPER BED • The upper bed is an excellent alternative to those traditional bunk beds with fixed frames. Thanks to this construction design, which leaves out the usual perimeter frame and the space that this would take up, this bed allows you to take advantage of the underlying space for an area dedicated to study or relax. • The padded headboard (optional) is designed to increase the space for the pillow. Opening and closing of the headboard is carried out by simple rotation. • The ladder is a continuous curved tube, therefore lacking any corners or edges. The rungs, with non-slip covering, guarantee complete safety when climbing up or down. • The latch for ladder release is another perfect example of our attention placed on details. Built in chrome-plated metal, the release mechanism can be easily activated thanks to the milled grip.• During the day, all accessories can be quickly and easily stored away, freeing up your space. The protection and ladder are then stored, with two straps, on the upper bed. With just a simple touch, the two beds smoothly rotate independently into the horizontal position. Opening does not require any assistance and it can be quickly and easily blocked if there are any obstacles present. Ergonomics. Tommi e Jerri was designed for 90 cm wide mattress on the lower bed and a 80 cm wide mattress on the upper bed. This difference makes the lower bed easier to use and more comfortable for daily use. Design. In addition to absolute comfort and cutting-edge technology, Tommi e Jerri also offers a simple and elegant design. The fact that there are no frames, once Tommi e Jerri is open, makes it look just like a normal bunk bed, rather than a foldaway bed. Comfort. Tommi e Jerri is frameless. This important technical feature makes it possible for those who use it on a daily basis to avoid having upper or side obstructions, offering the feel of a traditional bed. Reliability. Tommi e Jerri is a product created entirely within our premises, using only the most solid components and highest quality materials. Each bed undergoes numerous careful checks before being delivered to the customer. Innovation. These beds are equipped with the most innovative opening system found on the market. This system allows you to open the bed with a simple touch, making it perfect and easy for everyday use. It is also smooth and silent, and does not require assistance. Safety. The opening mechanism is slow and smooth, and if any obstacles are present, it can be easily stopped with a simple touch. • Tommi e Jerri is available in over than 20 melamine finishes. To discover the full range of finishes, please see our set of samples. The reason why Tommi e Jerri is the solid answer to your needs for more space can be found in the insightful choice of a designer bunk bed, with just 35 cm of depth, which stores two wonderfully comfortable beds. Tommi e Jerri is perfect for any interior and is part of a global furnishing system, specifically designed for situations where intelligent solutions make up for lack of space.

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